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Welcome to Ashley's "Valley Blossoms" Teacup/Micro Pet pigs!  One of Canada's first breeders of the world's smallest pet pigs.


daphne's males

My Valley Blossom micro pigs are very tiny with unique colors and quality conformation. They were featured on the Tyra show on Nov. 9/2009!  They can produce pintos, polka dots, blues, reds, red/silvers, chocolates, blacks and pinks. Their physical characteristics include short wrinkled noses, perky little ears, slight sway backs and straight tails (that wag like a dog's). They will be your loyal companion for around 15 years with proper care. They are docile, laid-back, have strong human bonding traits, are great with kids and have almost no body odour. Their intelligence has been compared to primates and dolphins, thus making them easy to litter and harness train and are among the most clever house pets known. They are easier to transport on outings and vet visits. They are non-allergenic, prefer a clean environment and aren't prone to fleas.

They have become a wonderful addition to our family.  At Valley Blossom Ranch we are committed to producing high quality, healthy pet pigs for ourselves and others to enjoy.

eve's males

white crocus